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The Pretannic Isles by Kimanda The Pretannic Isles by Kimanda
To add, Ireland probably values words and literature because he couldn't express himself when he was younger. He had the issue for the first few centuries but I think by the time Rome invaded Albion, Ireland was starting to speak normally. (though I don't think Pictland "cures" helped him) Pictland hit Ireland's face with a stone in the hopes of making him so angry that he'd start cursing. Didn't work out like that, but he was still rather angry with her.

And boy, the classical authors weren't really fair. Seriously, lumping Ireland with Britain since the beginning of recorded history? Yeah, the Pretani was the name of the inhabitants of Britain and the name possibly means "people of the forms". The Pretani were not in Ireland, so it begs the question why the two islands were called the Pretannic Isles. About as logical as calling it British Isles today. But when you think about it, what other name can we give to the British Isles? I've seen a lot of people say the Isles instead, but that's going to confuse other people because we are not the only islands in the world. We can't say Celtic Isles, we have England. But what else would work? Sometimes I just think Bloody Isles or Dysfunctional Isles would fit because those are two elements the British Isles have mastered perfectly in their history.
Sunimacrud Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Geranger Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012
Yeah, Bloody Isles is great. Their history is a mess, but anyway we all know it's very bloody qwq;

Irish is a beautiful language! I always get a feeling that Irish people use their heart to write and sing ^w^
Kimanda Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012
Bloody Isles would work but I think a lot of people would ridicule the name as well. :XD:

It certainly is language worth keeping! :D I am proud that I can speak it. That's really a pretty way to see the Irish language and I completely agree. ^^
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