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Age Appearance of Albion and Ireland by Kimanda Age Appearance of Albion and Ireland by Kimanda
I wanted to address this because I really don't like it when people make Ireland a child of Albion/Britannia. For me, it's like saying a chicken lays a duck egg. They're both birds, but ducks and chickens aren't synonymous to each other. And that's the case for the Britons and the Gaels. Or for the Brythonic Celts and the Goidelic Celts, same thing. The Goidelic culture existed long before the Brythonic culture broke off from it and started developing independantly. Having a Gael (Ireland) being born of a Briton (Albion) is kind of backwards.

And basically, I don't believe in a separate character for Hibernia. Hibernia is just the Roman name for Ireland. There is no distinct Hibernian culture and I've studied Ireland's early history very closely: There is no point where we can say that Hibernia died here and Ireland took over. For me, Hibernia and Ireland are the same character.

And while I can agree that by age appearance, Ireland would appear younger than Albion, he would still be the same age as her. It's just due to political disunity that Ireland didn't grow up physically very quickly. However, both Albion and Pictland had to deal with Roman threat so a cohesion among the tribes occurred more swiftly. The identity of the Picts and the identity of the Britons came together earlier, which is why Albion/Britannia and Pictland grew up more quickly than poor Ireland who had to watch his sisters get a more adult form while he stayed stuck in a child form. :XD:
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wikikid Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
can i say something
you became allot much better than before, i don't know how, but you just did
(and you always say the historically correct infos), though im not sure because i never studied anything about history but the ottoman empire
Kimanda Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2012
Wow, thank you so much for thinking that! Is it that noticeable? I do know that a few things have been getting easier to draw but I doubted that it was visible.
Oh, I'm that paranoid person who often double-checks her facts so in 9 cases out of 10, I'm probably telling you an accurate fact. Of course it can get confusing at times when you get conflicting information from different sources. I try my best though to make sure that my facts are correct.
wikikid Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
(well i only write what i know for sure, if i don't know, i just firget it XD )
TsunderePizza Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Personally, I have to completely agree with you here. I think the whole idea of the nations having 'parents' is awkward. . . As your research shows, Ireland technically existed before Albion or at least around the same time as her. If that's the case, then she clearly would be unable to be a 'mother' to Ireland, or the other brothers for that matter! A sibling, elder or younger, makes a lot more sense and is less awkward for a nation.
I think that the reason people give the countries mothers may be because they are humanising the nations too much. They're not humans, and as one of your headcanons explains, they could actually be more closely related to mythical creatures. (Mythical, right?) Giving the countries 'parents' would be making them too human for sure, which is just awkward. I appreciate your effort to make that fine line between human and nation more defined; distinct. It's pretty cool that you're able to point out all of these points/differences others would tend to ignore or brush off. ^^
Also, making Hibernia a whole other nation would simply make it too confusing. Much more confusing than it has to be! All of the nations being called by a different name isn't abnormal, especially for back then or even in modern day, so it shouldn't be confusing to anyone that the Romans did not call Ireland Ireland, Éire, etc.
Just as a silly note (well, to me anyways): Another way some could look at it is that even at the same age, a girl will go through puberty before a boy the same age will. Albion shows that when compared to Ireland. :XD: Even though that is not the case in this situation, it's more of the human way of looking at things. ^^;
By the way, love the drawing itself as well! For some odd reason, I'm really drawn to Albion's hair; it's just so pretty and flows very well with her character. Ireland looks rather cute here, too. It's also a nice change to be able to view the lower portion of their outfits! (usually it's the top and a bit of the slacks, but not what they are wearing from the calf-down)
Kimanda Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2012
I'll personally never be able to agree with the "parent nations" headcanon and I am finding it difficult not to try and explain my views to the people who firmly believe in that headcanon. Especially those who have a Mama Celt OC, that is just beyond confusing. No, we can't have an OC be the mother of the Irish, the Britons, the Gauls, the Celtiberians, the Galatians, etc. That's just... horribly inaccurate. I honestly can't take an Albion/Britannia OC seriously when she's declared as the mother of Ireland. And I feel like I'm the only one with an Albion OC who is a sister to Ireland, not a mother. *sigh* I think nations choose the role they want to be. Many will pick sibling, others cousin, and then we have some who want to be a parental figure instead. But it is all based on their feelings, in my opinion.
I would say people make some countries mothers/fathers to others because they want to simplify things. Find the mama and the papa and these are their children. End of story, no need to research further. And there's of course also the attempt to humanise nations as much as possible. We have the concept of parents ingrained in our minds, but that doesn't mean that it would be the same story for the nations. In fact, I think the concept of being a parent would appear completely alien to the nations, with some exceptions of course. (seeing as they aren't fertile, the concept of giving birth is absent and the concept of being born of someone would likewise be absent)
Ah yes, the mythical creature headcanon. I think that if we were to search for the closest relative of the nations (and avatars in general), the most closely related would be the mythical creatures, especially the older ones. That idea comes from fact that I believe that they're both from the same energy that is beneath us. And they both need our way of thinking to exist and survive. Nations live on the identity that the people feel and the mythical creatures live on the imagination of the people. So it would make sense that there is a common ancestor for both of their kind.
Hah, I probably spend hours upon hours making up headcanons and tweaking them constantly. And it's fun because you kind of exercise your mind by doing that, challenging your own thoughts and rebuilding them and patching up the holes. ^^
I think many people don't know or aren't willing to acknowledge that some names are just synonymous to others. Hibernia, Hiverne, Iwerio, Ériu and Ireland are the same character. It's just bad luck that some countries have many names. But it can get confusing at time because you come across names and you have to figure out if they can be associated to one character or not. I have one of Wales' brothers who is called Cumbria, but there is also the names Strathclyde and Hen Ogledd that are sometimes associated with Cumbria and then treated differently elsewhere. A bit mind-boggling really.
Ah, you're following the line of the differences between the genders. ;) It is an interesting idea, but I am currently looking at what function would their pituitary gland have. If I go from the idea that nations are not fertile, then sexual hormones have no purpose. So what other hormones would be excluded and what effect does that have on nations? So on, so on... :XD:
Thank you, I'm happy that you like my picture! Oh? I love drawing Albion's hair, it has a nice flow to it. :aww: I probably made Ireland too young but I just wanted to draw him like that. ^^ Ah, I'm slowly but surely starting to wander out of my comfort zone and attempting to draw the lower portion of their bodies. The outfits may vary but I'm starting to like drawing in those... I actually have no idea how those things on the legs are called. I just saw a few photos with that part of the outfit and I thought that it looked awesome. :D
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